summmer dog

This summer has been scorching in some parts of Australia and has brought with it potentially deadly heatwaves. So the team at doggiebox thought it was time to bring you our 10 top essential tips for helping your pet to beat the heat.

Fresh from our doggiebox doggieblog our tips and tricks are as follows:

1.    A cool shady area is a must for your pet on a hot day and it is ideal to keep your pet indoors where possible. Your pets should also have access to multiple sources of fresh drinking water in case one spill or spoils. It is also recommended that you keep larger sized drinking bowls.

2.    Adding blocks of ice to your dog’s water from time to time is a great way of ensuring your pooch is kept cool and is, therefore, less susceptible to the heat. Keep your best mate indoors with the air conditioner on whenever possible. It can double up as quite literally “chill time” for the both of you.

3.    Make sure your dog’s house, kennel or bed is out of any direct sun and protected in a shaded area as the sun moves around throughout the day. If you can access a clam shell pool, fill it with water and fence it off completely for any children’s safety. Take all necessary precautions to secure the area and then allow your dog to wade in the pool to keep cool.

4.    Only walk your dog in the coolness of the early morning or evening on hot days. Walking your dog during peak heat periods means it could be in danger of dehydration, sunburn and sore paws.

5.    On hot days place the back of your palm on the ground to ensure the pavement is cold enough to touch. If it is not, it is unsafe for your dog to walk on! Take your best mate to a local dog-friendly beach, or creek and allow it to paddle to cool off.

6.    Spray some light water through a misting bottle on your dog’s face and wet its feet to cool it down.

7.    Always be vigilant and on the look-out for signs of dehydration such as excessive panting or drooling. If your pet displays these signs or becomes lethargic or its eyes become bloodshot, you need to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible. Other signs and symptoms of heat stroke can include trouble breathing, a rapid heartbeat, dark or red gums and tongue, dizziness, weakness, and agitation.

8.    It is vital that you never, ever leave your dog in a hot car. If your pet has long hair– ensure it is clipped it and free from knots or tangles.

9.    Take particular care with at-risk dogs. Be watchful if you have a snub-nosed pet like a pug or bulldog. Their smaller airways make it harder for them to release heat when they pant. Older, overweight dogs or those with heart or respiratory problems are also at particular risk.

10.    Dogs cool from the paws up, so wherever possible let your dog dig in the cool refreshing soil. Make treats by freezing blocks of food for your pooch. You can buy and freeze our doggiebox treats, or you can use our doggiebox cookie cutters to create your own.

With these strategic maneuverers in place, you cool dogs (and cats) can now beat the heat-wave doggiebox style. Happy Sunny Days Ahead!