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It has been proven that dogs or other pets helps reduce depression from us but do you also wonder if our lovely pets feel depressed?


Answer is YES! Our dogs also feel depressed just like us.


Dogs or canine depression sometimes occur because of major changes in a dog's life that can somehow makes them depressed, good example for this is loss of an owner or their companion. It has also been observed that dogs also feel depressed/stressed when they are not given attention from their owners or companion. There are some cases that these depression are signs of an underlying illness.


Here is the best Answers/Opinions from QUORA.COM :


Maria Afonso, Budding veterinary virologist :


"Animals can suffer from a series of behavioral, mental and neurological syndromes. Dogs in particular are known for suffering from issues such as anxiety, phobias, separation anxiety, compulsive disorders, cognitive dysfunction (which can be compared to early stages of Alzheimer's) and depression. There's even some evidence that dogs may suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

"Depression" can be triggered by life-changing events: the death of an owner or another animal, a big house move, the birth of a baby, to name a few.

Any vet will agree that dogs are capable of emotion, empathy and love (you'd have to be blind not to see it!) but diagnosing depression is very difficult. Even in people, it is a diagnosis for which doctors heavily rely on verbal communication... With dogs, the owner is the most important part of the diagnosis as he/she is the one person who will be able to identify behavioral alterations such as lack of appetite, loss of interest in favorite toys or activities, sudden aggressiveness... While these may be a symptom of "depression" please remember that they could also be caused by other medical problem and therefore the best course of action is to contact your vet.

Treatment will usually involve a combination of behavioral modification and medication (or sometimes behavioral modification alone).

There are vets who specialize in animal behaviour. Here is more info on the specialty: For The Public " ACVB (US) and Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (EU)."





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As stated in the previous statements that dogs really do experience depression. Good News! Most of the dogs can overcome on their own and us owners or Pet Lovers can always help them overcome depression.


Here are some of the Tips or advise to help your dog:


- Offer your dog more attention at the right time and moment. Notice their response if they are happy (waggling of tail) and eventually if it works then you can give them rewards.


- Keeping your dog active through regular walks, playtime and other outdoor activities, this helps them boost their energy and confidence and they can feel loved and not left out. This more likely boosting their socialization.


- Consider getting another pet for your lonely or depressed pet to be socialized if they are experiencing from a loss of an animal companion or even an owner.


- Offer them the best dog treats you can offer. Make it sure you know what your dog likes.


This just shows that even dogs cannot escape from depression. Maintaining good relationship and socialization will surely prevents depression to take place. Good day Everyone!