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We often see in cartoons and fantasy that cats and dogs are eternal enemies. Does it also implicates in real life or it is just a norm in our society because that's how media shows us?

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Dogs is a domesticated animal that typically labeled as man's bestfriend and has been helping us in various reasons and activities, on the other hand cats is a typically furry animal, widely kept for catching mice or as a house pet. They may share similarities and differences but they have been the best household pets that most of the pet owners have.

Do they really hate each other?

It may be yes or it may be no. But let's find out to one of the best opinions from QUORA.COM

Opinion from Jos Buurman, Owner of labrador -

" No hate, just misunderstanding.

Take a dog:

If you see a dog do this you know he's ready to play.
To a cat this means something different. Very different. 
And thus a cat will do this when the dog is close:

And leaning away means submission in the eyes of the dog. That's not a warning sign to the dog.

This might make the dog approach and they do that sideways (frontal means they approach aggressive, sideways means checking out):

And that's threatening to the cat because (s)he's being sneaked upon.
When a cat gets upset the tail will start to swing. And the dog will think: hey play!

When a dog and a cat are used to each other there is no problem


Opinion from Andie Lenhard
, Veterinarian (VET) (1982-present)

"Cartoon fantasy. Dogs love to chase anything that runs. Cats are afraid of big creatures that move fast and are loud. So, a naive dog meeting with a scared cat might not go well. But a cat that grows up with dogs is unafraid and does not run, and often these cats are great friends with the dogs of the house. They have even been known to protect each other, groom each other, sleep together and play together."

Opinion from Julie Lary
, - A cat lover

"If you must know, dogs are jealous of cats. Speaking as a cat, dogs recognize our superiority, independence, and ability to brainwash our owners into doing whatever we want. Yes. It's true. 
Dogs have a strange need for acceptance, yearning acknowledgement, such as being told "You're a good boy," and "What a pretty girl." We don't need childish adorations because we're secure in our supremacy. "

We may conclude whether Dogs and Cats do hate or not but one thing is for sure they are one the best companion we can ever have. 

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